The Red Lip Conspiracy


I am inspired by the times when men wore suits and women dressed to the nines!   I have had those moments where I stood out in a crowd because my lips were brighter than the personalities around me. Instead of hiding away I decided my master plan is to spread a little glamour everywhere I go. 

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New Seattle Date! Valentine Sessions!

Let's Play!

New session date for Seattle, just in-time for Valentine's Day. Buy him or her a gift or book your session to get your images in time for the big day;)



It's a Glamour Party! Welcome to my New YouTube Channel!


Haters will hate, Lovers will love...

Hey Lover,

Welcome to My New You Tube Channel! Join me for glamour fun!!!

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PinUp Glamour! New "How-To" Hair Videos For You To Try!

Super excited to announce New PinUp YouTube Videos!

Super excited to announce my new You Tube channel!  I decided to create "how-to" videos on creating Pin-Up hair styles.  In the videos, I will be featuring different styles, tools and tricks to make your life easier. Additionally, I will feature different make-up looks I use in the photography sessions. Now you can look gorgeous all the time not just for the photography sessions!

I have really long hair so I was searching for different hair styles.  I was so inspired by my research I decided to share what I have learned.  It's always a challenge doing ones own hair, short or long and then, trying Pinup on top of it all?!

I hope these videos show you ladies you can do it! I hope you enjoy them and find them helpful!  Please like, share and subscribe!  

Get Your PinUp Glamour Fix!


Tramp Stamp Dilema

Tramp Stamp?

A few changes coming with the images and policy.  The low resolution images that come with the promo package $99.00 or your Groupon will now have a logo .  It will be smaller than this one pictured. However, It's  just a little treat to discourage the people who are printing without permission and and not paying for their gorgeous images. Low res (72dpi) images are for computer and mobile use not for print. Please respect my time and talent. Thank You;)!


Model:  No Where Girl - Dirty Glamour Magazine


Hugh, the jacket & the pipe!

Better Late then Never this is the first chance I had to edit this image.

I got this Playboy jacket at the Rio in Las Vegas one night with a friend.  We never got our fake pipes but we improvised!  Who knew I'd be using it in a shoot years later.

Thanks Hugh!


Happy Birthday Treats

There is nothing more fun then celebrating a birthday!  A portrait session for your birthday is a beautiful way to celebrate you.  It's even more sweet when you can have fun doing something different.  This lovely wanted to do a Pinup session to celebrate her special day. I surprised her with this custom portrait. Sweet surprises for a pretty Pinup!

WEB2Happy BirthdayFINAL


Jewels & Kisses,

Baronés Lovey De Luxe 


Getting Older Can Be A Party!

A Portrait Session to Celebrate your Birthday!

More and more, I am booking women who want to celebrate getting older.  As women, we hide our age. We are embarrassed we are getting older.  In a world where youth is ideal especially as women, we are taught we are not valuable as we get older.  

It's time we start being proud of our birthdays.  Instead of hiding one's age, women are putting it in the photo.  This gorgeous lady wanted to celebrate her B-Day in style.  What is better than huge balloons, gorgeous hair, airbrush make-up all in pin-up style;)

Treat yourself and don't want for someone else to.  It's your party girl!



I think you'd like this!


$87 for a 60-Minute Boudoir Photo Shoot Package at Baronés Lovey De Luxe ($650 Value)

Friday Deal!

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