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Ten Reasons Why You Should have a Glamour Photo-Session

The Glamour Photographer transforming you to your wildest dream

Considering a Glamour Photography Session, Boudoir, Pinup or just beautiful portraits? Are you on the fence?  Are you worried about your age, money, weight, think its silly or do you feel its selfish? Fear appears in many ways.

Here are ten reasons why you should have a glamour photo-session!  Feel free to add more reasons if I missed some.

1) You are amazing and you deserve some attention.

2) Be your own best cheerleader!  Beautiful photos are a different way of seeing yourself then you may. 

3) Gorgeous photos are reminders of how amazing you are.  When you are going through tough times those images remind you, you can do anything!

4) Remind someone else how amazing you are.

5) It s a great way to have fun!

6) Use it as a challenge to loose weight. Do beautiful before photos and amazing after photos to document your journey. Start your weight loss plan out feeling great and keep going to hit your ultimate me goal!

7) You just want to look hot.

8) It's on the bucket list, sexy beautiful photos are a challenge to you to let yourself play. 

9) It can be a simple beautiful portrait for your kids. They will grow up and remember what an amazing parent they had!  What a great way to inspire them to live their life to the fulliest.

10) Life is too short to be boring.


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