Pin-Up Sessions!
Be A Retro Valentine.

It's Been a Glamour Adventure

A roller coaster of events and emotions that continue to make my life a work of art versus a disaster;)  I leave 2015 with a gorgeous body of new work.  I have started actively doing Pin-Up sessions. Even though, I have always been inspired by Pin-Up it isn't till now that I am reguarly modeling, photographing and creating the digital work for my images and for others.  

An exciting new chapter in my art process. I am thrilled to be creating a colorful array of images I can have and remember for a life time.  I look forward to submitting these images to magazines and posting for all to enjoy! Here's to new glamour adventurers and new glamour friends.  Looking forward to it all 2016!


WEBARMYHELMUT20151115_9526 WEBARMYSMUDGE20151114_9359


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