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How Do Women Become Guit-less about Glamour

Ever thought of running away with the Circus?


I jumped on the bandwagon!  January is the time for goal setting and self-exploration.  There is an abundance of self-help coaches with books to inspire you to create change.  Like any aspiring glampreneur always looking to grow, I sat down to listen to a self-help guru to set some goals and/or clear some blocks.  

This self-help guru talked about why women sabotage them selfies when it comes to their relationship with money.  Apparently, women equate being rich with being a bitch and that's a bad thing. For some, this train of thought is enough to keep women from blocking themselves from excelling financially.  




This made me think about my own mission to spread a little glamour everywhere I go. I called this blog The Red Lip Conspiracy for a reason. I am infiltrating peoples minds to show them that dressing up, wearing makeup and having your photo taken for yourself, is a good thing. 

I had a friend once say to me, "people say the word bitch like its a bad thing".  Glamour is thought to be frivolous and selfish.  Women are often perceived as bitches if they take care of themselves.  Does wearing makeup, doing your hair, having nice clothes mean you are domineering or threatening?  Worse we figure taking care of our outer selves will show we are mean spirited, self-absorbed, or unloving.  I believe if you can't love yourself how will you truly love others.

No one is holding gun saying you have to look a certain way.  However, we have our own preconceived notions of beauty as women.  Why is someone else's beauty idea so threatening if it's not yours?  It's human nature to categorize and divide people.  It gives people structure.



I have experienced the standoff hellos and the snide remarks on what I'm wearing or my makeup. I find myself justifying my appearance by telling people what I do for a living. I guess then, I'm not a bitch, if you ok my response? I had a real estate agent talk to me as if I did nothing around the house?  Why, because I took the time to groom myself? It would be easy to get mad or hate her.  However, when you look closely that person is usually mirroring on to you.  It turns out in this instance, her husband didn't work or help around the house.

Forgiveness is the ultimate gorgeous glam goal. You will lose lines for all the forgiveness you give. People want to divide themselves from you to feel above or better.  This way they don't have to face their realities.  




The self-help guru I was reading stated,   "It's not my busy what other people think of me". I think we can use this as a mantra for dealing with those who mirror.  I learned early on, as a young child, having been bullied and called racist names that the person in front of you saying strange things about your appearance are just projecting their insecurities. I couldn't understand how someone could hate me so much because of how I looked. After many tears, I learned to hair flick, move on and not grow a wrinkle over it.  



Remember there will always be a bitch in the bunch. I'd rather be a glamour bitch, worse I want to do it for others. Photography, hair, makeup, it's a glamour master plan to inspire you to be an amazing glam bitch.  By definition what is a glamour bitch? She is loving, strong and not scared to show it.


Shine bright  





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