Chanel Shimmer Quarantine Makeup

Staying inspired during lockdown can feel like a challenge.  It's a great feeling to take a shower, get dressed and even do your hair and makeup. To keep you sparkling and feeling great I created this video on a few of my favorite products.  You can create the same look or get inspired to create another with the same colors and techniques.

 I am creating makeup videos to keep you shinning inside and out.  I am staying motivated in creating the videos.  Please check out the video and are sure to like, share and click the bell for notifications on my latest video on Youtube.


Scarecrow Fangs Event & San Luis Obispo Portrait Sessions

Excited to be apart of Scarecrow Fangs Exclusive Vampire Event in San Luis Obispo. They are flying me in for a private event.  I will be shooting on set their select guests to be featured in their upcoming catalogue and website.

I will be there a couple of extra days providing portrait sessions.  Contact me for more info and special pricing for these sessions.


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How To Chase The Blues - Creating the Purrrfect Blue Eye.

I chase my blues with a pop of color to my day. Crazy maybe? Fun yes! Kick those sad feelings with a pop of color.  Sometimes wild fun makeup not only puts you on trend but changes your mood.  This blue shimmer was created with airbrush makeup from Dinair and some of my fav drugstore products.  I love to mix products to get the best of both worlds. 

To see more on how I created this vibrant eye visit My YouTube channel which is another way I kick blues.  Being a business owner means staying motivated.  I am constantly challenging my skills with makeup, hair, and photography.  Join me to get inspired to sparkle inside and out. 

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Mink Lash Drama and Becoming Glam Zen

Hello Bellas,

Yesterday I did a new video on some mink lashes I found on eBay.  I posted a photo on a vintage makeup group.  Today I awoke to a ton of comments on my post about animal rights and the torture of minks.



I am definitely not here to hurt anyone human or animal.  If I can learn about the products I'm using I will.  I decided to do my research to understand the arguments and see if there is validity to the statements being made.

I found articles, a few of the articles were by companies selling vegan mink lashes. When I saw an ad at the end of the articles it seemed one-sided.  I further researched and learned mink can also refer to silk lashes, which are not made from silkworms or mink. I also found minks are farmed, their hair is used for mink lashes and they are later killed for their skins.  Other companies claim the mink hair is collected and no harm comes to the animals.  

Only the manufacturers creating these beauty products really know how they are created. If they choose to tell us the truth we do not know as consumers. The companies selling these beauty products may not have done their research or are going by what the manufacturers tell them.  Could they be that naive?

The lashes I reviewed were listed as 3D mink for $2.84 per pair.  For that price point are they really mink?  Most mink lashes go for $20.00 plus dollars.  The manufacturer listed the lashes as cruelty-free and not tested on animals.  When I posted this info to the vintage group an individual responded, she was more concerned with the testing on animals.  Cruelty-free doesn't mean they don't test on animals.

As a consumer, we are left to go by what the manufacturers list. We must research further.  I believe listening, thinking, researching and then making an informed decision is the best way to educate one's self.  Rants, after reading one-sided articles or documentaries and then waving a righteous fist, are silly. Most importantly, preaching to people causes people to stop listening.  I saw a lot of comments stating, "someone told me".  Just because someone says something doesn't mean its true.  

I will continue to research, and learn about products that do not hurt animals.  However, I am not ruling out certain products because someone told me to.

Glam On and Think.

Shine Bright,



Ever thought of running away with the Circus?

If the answer is yes, then join me for Issue Three of Dirty Glamour Magazine!  

Get ready for Fairytale Boudoir, Pin-up Dolls, Vintage Vixens, and Fitness Titans.  This circus-inspired issue is about believing in what you cannot see.  The foundation of all dreams is trust.  Join me to see a sneak peek on my YouTube channel.  I post videos every Tuesday and Thursday at 9:00 pm PST.  You can preview and purchase the magazine on MagCloud, with every issue you receive a complimentary digital issue.

I use glamour to motivate people to dream and reach for their star.  What a fun way to create new excitement about life's possibilities.  I encourage you to play.

Runaway with me and join my glamour circus and get inspired to live your best life.



Shine Bright,


New Video Out! How to be Confident in your Photoshoot | First-Time | Boudoir | Pin-Up



Hey Gorgeous, Join me while I express some glamour thoughts on the sessions to put your mind at ease about getting in front of the camera. Have you thought about doing a boudoir or a pinup photo session? It can be overwhelming if you don't feel good about your body. Maybe you just hate the way photographers have taken your photo.

I talk about my process, me and little bits on the sessions. I photograph everyday women and I have heard every complaint regarding body image. I understand how people like to be seen. I make you apart of the process learn how.

We change as we get older you cannot get those moments back so don't take now for granted, celebrate now! Remember to take photos professional ones where you can play and capture the best version of you.

I photograph a lot of first-timers of all ages, sizes, and ethnicities! I hope this video builds your confidence to do a photography session (if not with me someone else) and celebrate you.

JOIN THE FUN! Get More info on the Glamour Photography




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Relationships that Transform Us for Better or for Worse


Images have the power to remind us of our success from the past and the present. Taking the chance of capturing who you are can be scary and it can be empowering.  Morgan came to me two years ago for a boudoir session.  The colors were light and bright. Her hair was shorter and lighter.  She was with someone who preferred her that way.  She accommodated not knowing she was influenced by her partner.  The people around us can influence us our style life choices and we may not realize it could be for bad or good.  


Two years later Morgan returned for another session, New career, boyfriend and attitude.  Her hair was darker her style edgier, nails longer.  She told me this is who she is and felt more at home in her own skin.  When you put her images from then and now together you see two  different people.  


You have the power to transform yourself inside and out.  What is happening with us is reflected in our outer choices from hair, clothing to career. Remembering to be who we truly are is one of the greatest challenges we can face. Morgan's images reminded her of then and now.  She looks back loving all the images but proud of who she is today. 


Don't forget to celebrate you and your journey.  Sometimes we are just learning along the way so why not do it looking glamorous.

Jewels & Kisses,


PinUp Glamour! New "How-To" Hair Videos For You To Try!

Super excited to announce New PinUp YouTube Videos!

Super excited to announce my new You Tube channel!  I decided to create "how-to" videos on creating Pin-Up hair styles.  In the videos, I will be featuring different styles, tools and tricks to make your life easier. Additionally, I will feature different make-up looks I use in the photography sessions. Now you can look gorgeous all the time not just for the photography sessions!

I have really long hair so I was searching for different hair styles.  I was so inspired by my research I decided to share what I have learned.  It's always a challenge doing ones own hair, short or long and then, trying Pinup on top of it all?!

I hope these videos show you ladies you can do it! I hope you enjoy them and find them helpful!  Please like, share and subscribe!  

Get Your PinUp Glamour Fix!